Mohammad Ozair Farooq Founder

Mr. Mohammad Ozair Farooq established these Chambers in the year of 1973. Within a few short years after his entry into the profession, he earned the reputation of being a quick-witted lawyer with fierce intellectual rigor and a striking capacity of swift but thorough rationalization. As his portfolio of experience broadened, he garnered esteem for his ability to read and comprehend the courts, intuitively and accurately interpret legislation and harness his leviathan intellect to tackle the facts of any case.

Mr. Farooq conducted numerous civil and criminal trials all over the country and at the same time pursued with vigor his role as a leading Senior Counsel in the appellate courts. He established a long history of success in commercial disputes, international trade disputes, insurance/reinsurance claims, shipping and financial proceedings, as well as criminal litigation and more.

Reported judgments have been published for numerous cases in which he was counsel before the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. His body of work leaves behind a legacy that has served to establish, define and reform numerous provisions of the law and methods of interpretation of legislation. The Honorable Courts regularly commended Mr Ozair Farooq for his excellent work and steadfast used of fine judgment.

His rapport with his clientele was exemplary. His client-oriented approach and an open door policy had earned him the reputation of being the ‘Peoples Lawyer’.  This dedication has been the corner-stone of our client-centered values in Chambers ever since. Mr. Farooq enjoyed a thriving international practice representing wide-ranging clients in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, the UK, US and others. His excellence in negotiation and conducting commercial arbitrations earned his fame internationally. He also acted as arbitrator in various commercial disputes involving multi-nationals and Government Departments.

For his endeavors in strengthening and preservation of professional values across the Bangladesh Bar, he was elected as a Member of the Bangladesh Bar Council by the Lawyers’ community of Bangladesh foe the term of 1998 – 2001.

Mr. Farooq was enrolled as a Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh in1998 in recognition of his unparalleled advocacy skills. In 1994-95 he was elected as the Secretary of Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association and in 2002 – 03 he was elected as the President of the same Association. In such capacities he exhibited dynamic leadership for the cause of the rule of law, independence, supremacy and separation of judiciary and establishment of democracy and human rights.

Mr Farooq not only excelled in his professional life but rendered invaluable services to society. As a member of the Press Council of Bangladesh during 1998 – 2001, he played a dynamic role in the process of reforming Media Law in Bangladesh. His continuous commitment towards poverty alleviation and social work through the international charity and service organization ROTARY was acknowledged by his election to the prestigious position of Governor of ROTARY in Bangladesh.

Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh
Former President, Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association
Former Member, Bangladesh bar Council
Former Governor of Rotary in Bangladesh