About us

Founded in 1973 by the Late Mohammad Ozair Farooq, Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Farooq and Associates is among the leading law firms in Bangladesh, and offers a range of specialist legal services and assistance in various sectors of law to both domestic and international clients.

As a young nation and as a developing economy, Bangladesh experiences ubiquitous reform and evolving policy and legislation; yet in many sectors continues to be governed by antiquated laws unsuited for the present times and current market environment, which often act as impediments to investment and growth, unless dealt with with care and skill. Our firm has developed a reputation for being pioneers in anticipating and adapting to changes in law, and commercial and regulatory environment; we strive towards constant betterment of our understanding of the changing legal system and this methodology enables us to best serve our clients.

In its formative years, Farooq and Associates developed into a law firm that excelled in litigation (and continues to hold an esteemed reputation for having a strong team of litigators devoted to civil and commercial litigation); over the years that followed transaction legal practice and foreign investment has become one of our key specializations.

We undertake advisory work for corporate clients on matters such as negotiation and review of contracts, international trade, banking regulations, joint venture agreements, corporate finance arrangements, establishing companies, taxation, etc, and have developed expertise and understanding of the legal framework of Bangladesh relating to major investment and infrastructural development activities.

Our lawyers, having expertise and experience in distinctive practice areas, can aptly handle complex transactions and disputes. We can, therefore, offer our clients a cost-effective approach and timely solutions to a variety of problems faced in business today. Our knowledge and experience has been significantly enhanced through our long-term working relationships with reputed law firms and clientele from around the globe.

Foreign Investment – an area of expertise and a social endeavour

Foreign Investment – an area of expertise and a social endeavour

Bangladesh, a developing country and an emerging economy with promising potential, attracts a notable amount of foreign investment, however, with the existing, often unwieldy, regulatory environment, foreign investors regularly find themselves in precarious situations through which they have to navigate their investments.

At Farooq and Associates we aspire to aid foreign investors in making secure and sustainable investments, and local partners in negotiating strong and well-balanced legal relationships and contracts with foreign investors; we value transparency, open dialogue and aim to exercise meticulous diligence in formulating advice precisely calibrated for cross-border transactions.

We hold diverse experience in working for both the public and the private sector and in working on public-private partnership projects, representing on different matters public bodies and statutory authorities as well as private investors and contractors. Our vast experience in representing the different parties involved in transactions, and our first hand knowledge of the key concerns and objectives of these different parties, gives us an unique perspective and holistic understanding of what is required for the effective and efficacious structuring, documentation and delivery of projects and transactions.