M. Faisal Islam Advocate, Senior Associate

Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

LL.B. Southeast University

LLM, Southeast University

(M): +880 1712-828986

(O):  +880-2-223386100

Email: faisal@farooqandassociates.com

Md. Faisal Islam, a Junior Partner at Farooq & Associates, is an expert legal professional boasting over 12 years of extensive experience. Specializing in Civil and Criminal litigation, Writ, Customs, Income Tax, Land, and Company matters, he stands out as a seasoned lawyer. Leading the property vetting team at Farooq and Associates, he adeptly handles complexities in land procurement, acquisition, and document vetting. Moreover, Mr. Faisal co-leads the project financing team and the litigation team, lending his expertise to both project debt-equity based projects and High Court litigations. His clientele includes global entities like IFC, IDCOL, IBV, ABD, DEG, FMO, underscoring his profound impact on the legal landscape.

In the intricate realm of project financing and litigation, Mr. Faisal’s commitment to excellence shines through, establishing him as a key figure in Farooq & Associates and a trusted advisor to a diverse array of clients.